2011 BMW R 1200 Classic Motorcycles

The new 2011 BMW R 1200 is powered by a 1170 cc engine that delivers 110 HP at 7750 rpm and a peak torque of 119 NM at 6000 rpm. The new bike will be offered in three exterior colors: mat metallic smoky gray, metallic light gray, or metallic red apple.

2011 BMW R 1200 Classic Motorcycles2011 BMW R 1200 Classic Motorcycles

2011 BMW R 1200 Adventure Motorcycles2011 BMW R 1200 Adventure Motorcycles

2011 BMW R 1200 Touring Motorcycles2011 BMW R 1200 Touring Motorcycles

2011 Suzuki Burgman Wallpaper

The stylish 2011 Suzuki Burgman Executive, it has all the great features of the Burgman 650 with ABS, an electic adjustable windshield and a passenger backrest. With the largest engine in its class, the Burgman 650 rewards you with strong acceleration around town or on the highway. Its refined fuel injection system offers instantaneous throttle response

2011 Suzuki Burgman Wallpaper2011 Suzuki Burgman Wallpaper

2011 Suzuki Burgman Image2011 Suzuki Burgman Image

2011 Suzuki Burgman Picture2011 Suzuki Burgman Picture

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